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Natural Stone

Acadia Landscape is proud to offer a large selection of natural stone products for your next landscaping job. As a wholesale dealer, we can acquire virtually any stone you desire. However, being in the East Tennessee region, we always suggest that our clients first consider local products. They don't have to travel as far—good for many reasons! Local stone is predominantly quartzite, a type of sandstone. Tennessee quartzite comes in two main colors: gray and brown.

Brown quartzite is more common, with actual colors ranging from pink and red and umber and khaki. This photo best illustrates the wide variety of shades considered to be Tennessee brown stone. Stone is typically sold in a natural spectrum of color, but clients can also specify "select" colors and the stone will all be the same shade.

Gray quartzite is also popular, although slightly less common. The gray stone actually ranges in color from a light, white gray to almost a steel blue/gray. This photo shows the varying shades of gray quartzite.

The important thing to consider is that the stone can be cut or processed in an infinite variety of ways, giving the distinct look you are after. From modern and refinded to old world rustic, natural stone is a time-tested building product—in structure and aesthetics!


Dry Stacked: Refers to a "mortarless" stacked stone wall appearance. The stone can be a true dry stack, held together by gravity alone, or it can appear to be a dry stack but still have cement/mortar nested behind the stones. See photo

Castle Wall: Typically refers to a stone wall with cut, hard edges for a neat, geometric pattern with noticeable grout lines. The stone can be angular or follow a grid pattern, and the face can be pitched (chiseled) or smooth. See photo

Web Wall: Often refers to natural, randomly shaped stone walls where the stone's face (side with the largest area) is placed facing outwards, creating a random, web of grout lines. See photo

How to Order

For clients using our landscaping installation services, the cost of the stone and delivery is factored into your overall estimate. For do-it-yourselfers and other commercial clients, we offer direct shipment from the source, including residential curbside dropoff. Minimums apply. Call today!

865-329-4002 . . . newprojects@acadialandscape.com

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Natural stone pool decks, patios and paths

Natural stone can be tumbled for an old world look.

Stone can also be specified to have distinct color variations called veining.

Tumbled river stone is often used for groundcover and fireplaces. 6-12" and 12-24" shown.

Natural stone makes a great pool coping material for a truly high-end look. The bullnose coping (above) is one option, or you can go with a hand-chiseled edge (below left).

Natural stone is a simple way to add character and originality to your landscape.

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